Little specks of kindness

Some days people are really nice; I mean, a little bit nicer than I normally see them. There once was this busdriver in Belgium who really wanted to let me cross the street, but we were on a pretty awkward intersection and I couldn’t see him anymore (I saw his bus, but not him) so I wasn’t sure whether he was letting me pass, and every time I moved backward / forward to try and see him he moved his bus in the same direction to try and see me, and it was pouring rain and we were being completely ridiculous, but it’s one of my favorite moments because it had something so innocently, childishly sweet. Just like when I was running one day and there was this guy on a bike who overtook me while holding up his thumb. He didn’t once look at me, he just kept holding up his thumb, and I went, ‘Thanks!’, which motivated him to raise his thumb higher, while the rest of his body was still completely ignoring me, and that’s how he cycled away into the distance. Weirdly kind; or kindly weird, perhaps, but it was fun.

I just went for a run in my hometown in Holland, and it’s somewhat depressingly cold and wet outside. So as always, in all my glorious running-looks, I look totally swell, and I run toward an old lady on the sidewalk with a walker who is smiling at me very widely (like, really very widely) and then goes, ‘Hello!!!!!!’ as if I am the highlight of her day. A little later, nearing the end of my round, I run past a middle-aged man with a really kind face who is also running, and he looks at me totally happy, because he is running, and I am running, and we are both running, in the cold rain, because we are badass runners; whoee!

Naturally, keeping true to my New Year’s resolution of being less kind, I gave them both the finger. (no just kidding I didn’t)

There’s nothing special I want to say today; just a little reminder that people are really kind sometimes, or pretty often when you pay attention. It happens pretty easily that I’m in a bit of a hurry, or annoyed, or hiding in myself, or all of the above, and I don’t notice these specks of kindness anymore. But every time a stranger does such a little, almost invisible thing, it kind of becomes the highlight of my day.


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