After Paradise (poem)

I am the smallest universe, ever shrinking
Travel back through time, further back
And expanding, earth, take my fill
Walk my lonesome crowded streets
Progress, my human soaring dream
In marching shadows, we’re still here
To be modern is to find ourselves –

Does the prophet still roam the desert
to comfort their diminishing lives
Loudest sound, I can only dream
Beings covered in fur and feathers
Shrinking landscapes, no longer theirs
We cover earth with our footprints
Man the crown of creation, no finish line
What is greed, but collecting what we need
Age of Enlightenment for low-voiced white
Nature’s stolid pride, why would we keep
what we can build anew, future of pasts
Silence whistling among the iron trees

I believe in nothing after death
but I believe in resurrection
A hooded figure, stalking the plains
I see now, forever, close my eyes
As long as I am in the world
I am the light, while
we are darkening the night

I am the deserving, some days I want your life
more than mine, but it’s yours
that ceases to shine
I keep in me, all you cannot be
Feeling into rhythm into words
somehow to give us comfort
in the falling, silenced night


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