Older song travels (poem)

Now, let me travel inwards instead
Flow through waves and waves of
unrecognized feeling, cords of words,
weave through without fading like I do now
Soft melodies from buried days, far away
through blinding rays, cinematic memories
in my mind to play, to float away
amid this – eternal – nightfall

Somehow I went back in time but differently, waves
of colors I felt before, but I don’t recognize –

See a girl, conquering a snowstorm even though
it was summer and the wind had already left me,
nothing I can do or say –

Another place, only similar, different faces and
different voices, enough to remind me but –
Somehow all it does, is remind me of
what I lost

They told me to give everything its place,
Don’t drop your sadness, or it’ll chase you,
Pack my moments below my chest, with feeling,
I said goodbye the best that I could –
Then, doctor, why did I walk,
from sadness to madness?

I met me but without the body,
Asked for the way but I was evaporating,
Turned into the moon and, eclipsed
And the road curls up to the sun and starts raining
puddles into puddles into puddles into puddles
into –
How else could I create life again?

Loving my life was the greatest gift I ever got
Pandora opened her jar, but I have an
ocean to feel, memories come in waves
of notes that haven’t changed
And I breathe through the cracks
of time, being there still –

Older songs, uncover
Travel carefully, back
through memories
almost real
in my dreams


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